Resilient Leadership
Upgrade the power of your mind and body
Sharper focus & decision-making
Greater well-being
& balance
Improved productivity
Global tribe and support group
Increased resilience
This program is designed for business leaders who are seeking to elevate their resilience, performance and decision-making. It combines the research from world-leading neuroscientists with the wisdom from ancient India. Join us as we help you build the practices that unleash the power of your mind and body.
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Who is facilitating this program?

Ben is a former management consultant at Bain, now working with a range of organisations and individuals to build sustainable strategies and unlock potential.

More about Ben

Krishna is a “Wellness warrior” and TEDx speaker. With over 10 years of corporate experience, she's now a certified yoga instructor and conducts

wellbeing workshops around the world.

More about Krishna

Anshul started GreatToAwesome 2 years ago to help individuals realise more fulfilling and balanced careers. He's a former finance and data professional with experience in UK and India.

More about Anshul

Is this program right for me to attend?

If you're asking any of these questions, you're in the right place:

  • How do I increase my productivity at work?

  • Is burnout the price I must pay for success?

  • How do I achieve both my health and performance goals?

  • How do I build the practices that enable me to thrive?

What can I expect during the 2 day workshop?

The weekend will be high energy and very interactive. The content and modules includes:

  • Meditation and centering practices to incorporate into your day

  • Identifying and dealing with stress and other triggers

  • Practices and tools to thrive in a fast paced corporate world

What can I expect during the 6 week follow up?

​Deepen your learning with additional content and build new habits and build sustainable change.

  • Webinars with wellness coaches

  • One-on-one leadership coaching session based around your action plan

  • Weekly support and accountability sessions with your cohort

  • Daily content and follow ups to deepen learnings

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20% DISCOUNT until 18th October!
Use code: THRIVENOW at checkout
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