We are currently in the process of developing an online resource hub with digital modules from our workshops. Once this launches, one can access content we've developed and curated! In the meantime, have fun listening to our podcast below!


We strive to bring you inspiring stories from people who've dared to be authentic and push limits in their careers. Entrepreneurs, thought leaders and everyday unsung heroes. 

Rachel has studied at Princeton and Harvard, worked at some of the world's top companies including Google and run her own start-up. A few years back, she moved to India to work in the startup ecosystem and create impact by building better tech products. Listen to her inspiring story!


Nikita Aggarwal

A talented lawyer striving for impact

Nolan Mascarenhas

From corporate to award-winning photo-journalist

Mriganka Lulla

A global career in international development 

Jitendra Patil

From Air Force to Corporate to Entrepreneur

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