We believe the world will be a much happier place if everyone is


Life is so much greater when you fully understand yourself, what you truly care about and build a life around it.



Life is not always easy but our ability to deal with change and regulate ourselves well is the key. 

#Mindfulness #Wellness


Everyone has a need to give back and contribute to others. Whether it's a small blog or a successful business, we must be intentional about our purpose.


Mobile App

We are excited to launch our app, releasing in June 2020. 'Evolve' is designed to help busy individuals like you with emotional wellbeing and personal growth.

Online Modules

Add structure to your introspection and design your life from anywhere in the world! Our proprietary design and technology is interactive and simulates our workshops and in-person coaching.


Highlights of our journey

November 2016

GreatToAwesome began in London as a blog. Read our first blog post here.

Feb 2018

Ran our first transformational program with measurable results. See the overview here.

June 2019
November 2018
April 2017

Launched our first podcast season. Check them out here

GreatToAwesome began operating as a legally incorporated startup!

Launched our first virtual module -

Take it here

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